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Winter Wonderland

We might be in a full lockdown, but that certainly doesn't stop us from singing and having fun. Here are a few videos from our own members to get you through those winter blues.....

First we have Tom in his back garden, adequately dressed for winter in his back garden reciting Oh Come All Ye Faithful on his bagpipes. Check out his video on You Tube by clicking the link below:

Next up we have David and Samantha with Morning Song. Even the darkest night passes and a new morning begins. Click the You Tube link below:

Here we have Joe and his dad singing a great Cornish song that has travelled the globe:

Here is Adam, bringing a smile to us all as ever singing We Wish You a Merry Christmas:

Last but certainly not least is David's daughter Alice and three of his grandchildren with their rendition of Elephants Have Wrinkles. No matter where people travel in the world, that Lancashire accent never leaves you!

Thank you to all our performers. If you would like to sing a song and share it with the rest of us, please send your video or a link of it to us and we'll get it posted.

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