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PYCC & KVU Singers

It's official.....I think we're in love

On Sunday 30th June, KVU Singers were kind enough to join us in an extended afternoon of singing and frivolity, hosted at the gorgeous location at Christ Church in Skipton.

All three choirs (KVU Singers, Pendle Youth Choir & Pendle Children's Choir) all joined in for 'Look at the World' and 'We are the Young' before culminating with 'Keep the Flame Alive'. Solo's were sang by ex PYCC member tenor James Blamire of KVU Singers and current PYCC members Emma & Jessica Coulson and least of all not forgetting Tom Pickup playing the pipes to signal the end of the interval.

We had a particular bespoke rendition of 'Bare Necessities' by KVU Singers and a special and rare one off performance, complete with audience participation and the original Palestrina Oswaldtwistle of 'You can't chuck your muck in our dustbin!'.

There wasn't a empty seat left in the place and a good time was had by all. In what is now a PYCC tradition after performing at Skipton's Christ Church, we all headed off for fish and chips after the concert!

Here are a few photo's from the show - videos will follow in a further blog shortly....

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