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Happy Birthday to US!!!

2019 is the 70th year of young people in Pendle singing. Formed in 1949 as The Nelson Municipal Children's Choir, it was developed by Edward Parr MBE as three separate Nelson Civic Choirs: Nelson Civic Ladies, Juniors and Primaries. After a time, the Junior and Primaries Choirs formed to become The Pendle Youth & Children's Choir that has enjoyed 70 successful years.

We are going to celebrate this achievement by holding a special concert:

Sunday 17th March - 2.30pm

Colne Municipal Hall

Albert Road, Colne, BB8 0RY

Guests include: The Arion; The Orpheus; The Burwain Singers; Me, Thee & E; and a chance for you to sing!

There is a pre-concert at 2pm with Alumni Evie and Tom

Tickets are available now from The Muni Box Office:

01282 661234

Tickets are £10 each for adults. Children are free. Please show your continued support for PYCC by buying a ticket.....

Happy 70th Birthday to PYCC

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