• Andy Coulson

Chœur C4 Visit

A huge thank you to Chœur C4 and everyone involved for visiting Pendle and PYCC last weekend. Chœur C4 are from Creil, a commune in northern France that is twinned with Pendle. An amazing time was had by all during the fun activities including Whitehough Outdoor Centre and bowling, not to mention the two concerts over the weekend. It was very sad to see them go but we thank them for sharing the experience with us.

The Saturday evening concert at St Peters Church in Burnley was especially magnificent that was attended by the Mayors of both Creil & Pendle with some amazing performances from Chœur C4, Pendle Youth Choir, Pendle Children's Choir and Nelson Arion Male Voice Choir. The concert ended with Siyahamba sang by C4 & PYCC.

You can see many photographs and videos using the Facebook, Twitter & You Tube links at the top of this page and you can see Chœur C4's photographs and videos on their facebook page using the link below.

Chœur C4 & PYCC at Whitehough Outdoor Activity Centre

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